Over the last ten years we have had the honor of participating in some exciting projects. Our specialty is in the tracking and management of affiliate solutions. However, we have a very strong knowledge of many application needs such as affiliate software, content management, custom authentication, and video streaming solutions.

  Our programmers are knowledgeable in the most common internet programming languages such as C++, PHP, and Perl to name a few. We have a strong working knowledge of MySQL, Postgress, Oracle and many other database backends.

  With this sold skills base and years of experience, we can work closely with you to develop the best software and database solutions to meet your unique needs. Come to us with your ideas and let us design the programs to make them possible.

  Besides our programming experience, we also have a strong knowledge of the hardware and network requirements for various software applications. We can examine your current or future software applications and suggest the best hardware and networking scheme to have your software running at it's best.

   Want to make sure your servers are secure or have a server that is hacked and can't seem to secure it? With our 10 plus years hosting and system administration experience, our staff can assist you in security audits or in removing a hacker and securing your system. This experience also allows us to examine your network and suggest the best fixes for common network problems.

  We can assist in any number of emergency server or network situations. We can also provide you with temporary servers if your situation requires it. Please contact us for any further information or assistance that you may need.

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