Zend Optimizer
  Apache Webserver
  Full MySQL Privileges
  Webmaster Program Domain
  Working Paysite Join Page(s)
  Linux or Unix Operating System
  Credit Card Processing Account


The simple system is the easiest way to gain complete automation of your partnership program. This program is written in PHP and uses MySQL Databases. The simple system provides you with a webmaster join form, signup success page and webmaster signup email. All of these are highly customizable via easy to use templates. Webmaster accounts activation is immediate, unless you choose to personally approve the accounts first. There is no limit to the number of webmasters your system can accept

The Simple System is perfect for:
      Partnership Automation
      Inexpensive Start Up

The program is multi server capable. The simple system is also capable of working with more than one processor. Each partner does not require his or her own tour folder on your server. All webmaster traffic can be directed to one folder because the username is collected via ModRewrite. The username is then passed to the correct processor where the affiliate receives credit for his or her sale.

ClickMAN would like to thank More Cash Dating for use of their screenshots.

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