We've been developing and maintaining our software for seven years. We believe our product to be one of the longest selling affiliate software offerings on the market, as many other companies have left the business or been pushed out because of the inability to keep up with changing technologies and changing billing company procedures.

  We know what it takes to handle high traffic sites. Our software is multi-site, multi-server scalable. Some of our larger clients boast over 15,000 webmasters and run over 1,000,000 hits a day. Since our software is designed for multiple site servers and multiple database servers, we have not reached a max amount of traffic or webmasters our program can handle. Currently our system is designed for several different payout options and billing companies. With the ClickMAN software you can offer pay per click, pay per signup, partnership, sliding scale payouts and many more payment options. The software currently intergrates compatability with Epoch Systems, Ibill, CCbill, PSW, WTS, Jettis and many others credit card billing companies.


The Complete Package! Automate webmaster signup and tracking. Includes detailed stats. Allows for partnership, pay per signup, pay per click, sliding scale and any other payout types.


Complete automation of webmaster signup. Tracks webmaster through to processor for partnership credit. Includes detailed stats. For Partnerships Only.


Automate the addition of webmasters to processors and track their user ID through to the processor for partnership credit. No Stats.

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